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Support Our Fourth Quarter Fundraiser!

Our goal remains the same: to provide educational, professional, and economic development resources for sports participants; community engagement opportunities for professional athletes and organizations; and event experiences to low-income fans and amateur athletes.

However, at this stage of advancement, financial support is vital to cultivating a better, richer, stronger, foundation that ensures both our success and survival

This is where you can help grow Grow The Game–enough to increase our impact, extend our reach, and amplify our brand.


You can send a contribution to @GrowTheGameW or our email address directly on the following platforms:

Cash App





Secure and direct links to all of our accounts can be found here or by visiting

Help Us Grow, Grow The Game


Our New Game Plan

Our organization is preparing for a new season of service at the next level– and we’re taking even bigger steps to play, change, and grow the game. This next quarter of continued work to amplify, advance, and advocate for women’s sports, will follow a new game plan focused on community, accessibility, equity, and sustainability. We plan to use a variety of mediums, from digital media content like podcasts and newsletters, to live events like game streams and career showcases, to invest in the health, wealth, and wellbeing of women’s sports. In addition to launching our official book club, job board, and volunteer corps, we are prepared to activate the creative, innovative, and collaborative programming needed to engage, ignite, and inspire the entire industry.

With your contribution, we can reach our target and raise enough seed money to plant more vital partnerships across the industry, water our garden of great ideas and strengthen our roots in the community. In addition to much-needed peace of mind, any financial assistance that you can spare will help create stability that ensures both our success and survival.

A Message From Our Founder

Hi!  My name is Subria Whitaker and in July 2021, I started an advocacy initiative now known as Grow The Game: a nonprofit organization aiming to increase awareness, attendance, engagement, and involvement across all women's sports. Since then, I've been working with various teams, leagues, schools, players, and brands across the industry to host community service projects, group sports outings, exclusive fan giveaways, and fan fellowship events to further our cause. I am committed to leaving women’s sports better than I found it, and keeping our community a happy, safe, and encouraging place.

As Founder of Grow The Game, I guarantee that every dollar goes toward covering the operating, administrative, and programming costs to directly fulfill our intended purpose, execute our revolutionary vision, and help us all accomplish our shared mission of supporting women's sports. Words cannot express how grateful I am for everyone’s continued or forthcoming encouragement. Truly, every little bit goes a long way; any size donation and every single share are extremely appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read our campaign, and in advance for your contribution.

Our Partners

Past & Present

Grow The Game does not support or endorse any companies or products.
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